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If you would like us to submit a proposal for a job, please do not hesitate to contact us at: bids@harborservices.com

Corporate Office

Harbor Rail Services Company

1550 W. Colorado Blvd.

Pasadena, CA 91105

Phone: (626) 398-4065

President, Chairman, CEO

Mark Myronowicz

Email: mmyronowicz@harborservices.com

Phone: (626) 945-8220

Chief Operating Officer

Thomas Broderick

Email: tbroderick@harborservices.com

Phone: (626) 945-6309

Chief Financial Officer

Joe Mavilia

Email: jmavilia@harborservices.com

Phone: (626) 255-3611


Salvador Figueroa

Email: sfigueroa@harborservices.com

Phone: (626) 398-4065 ext. 3134

Director, Operations

Ralph Pena

Email: rpena@harborservices.com

Phone: (210) 238-9729

Director, Operations

Derrik Hatcher

Email: dhatcher@harborservices.com

Phone: (765) 826-1232

Director, Operations

Albert De Leon

Email: adeleon@harborservices.com

Phone: (469) 475-4808

Director, Cust. Relations & Operational Support

Christine Benson

Email: cbenson@harborservices.com

Phone: (626) 221-4108

Director, Safety, Training & Compliance

Geoffrey Birch

Email: gbirch@harborservices.com

Phone: (626) 710-7502

Billing Manager

Patty Lynch

Email: plynch@harborservices.com

Phone: (626) 325-4788

Employee Services Manager

Eneida Quijas

Email: equijas@harborservices.com

Phone: (626) 807-4457